According to the 'Unified String Theory'
everything that was, is and shall be,
including this book,
vibrates as super strings
in the tenth dimension…

— Miceál Kearney

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2008 / 56 pages
ISBN: 978-0-954869-67-0
Cover photo: Miceál Kearney

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MICEÁL KEARNEY lives in the west of Ireland, where he works on the family farm. He has been published in Ireland, England and America. He is the winner of the 2006 Cuisle Poetry Slam, the 2007 Baffle Bard, the 2007 Cúirt Poetry Grand Slam and the 2007 North Beach Poetry Nights’ Grand Slam. Inheritance is his first collection of poetry.


Make a Wish

In this sunny meadow sheep bleat.
Today is my birthday.
The evening breeze
blows out my candles.
The sheep still bleat.

Before I go,
each guest will get some cake—
rude not to share.
Five pieces I will cut:
the sun, the wind, the sheep
and me.
The last piece I

Under a Sapling Beech

I began working the potato pit,
forcibly at first. Pockets bursting
with unblighted dreams.
Every year... another ring.

As I too matured, went to work in the fields
first with ass, then Massey.
Picked and filled the pit,
covered with earth and straw.
Regularly had to pake
and pick the rotting ones out.

Common Agricultural Policies,
ALDI and arthritis have made redundant
the grey bucket that brought the spuds
into mother—now collecting rain
from the broken gutter.

And the beech tree is dead.
Felled. Its rotted falling fingers
disturb the grave of the departed pit.
My pockets have long since blighted.
No ring on my finger.


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