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Welcome to Doire Press, an award-winning publisher located in Connemara in the West of Ireland. We publish poetry and literary fiction.

About Us

Award winning publisher

Doire Press was founded in 2007 in Connemara by Lisa Frank and John Walsh. Lisa was experienced in both editing and publishing while John had recently received a publishing award. Since then, we have found our niche in publishing new and emerging writers and have published debut collections from some of Ireland’s most noteworthy writers.


Poetry to Fiction

Our writers give voice to what it means to be Irish in a changing Ireland. Many of our authors published their debut works with us and have continued to grow their collections.

Spring Releases

Our Authors' Voices

Palm Wine Tapper and The Boy at Jericho

Nithy Kasa

Home Is Neither here nor there

Nandi Jola


Stephanie Conn

In The Media

From reviews to articles, many of our writers and their work are regularly featured in the media. 

Coming This Autumn


JAmes Finnegan

Matthew Geden

Leland Bardwell

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