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Writing for the ‘reality’

Short Fiction William Wall

When Yeats wondered what it would be like to write for his ‘own race and the reality’ he constructed, as a paradigm of that reality, a comfortably-off, middle-class, tweed-wearing fly-fisherman, the kind of man, in other words, who was extremely unlikely to bother his arse about the poetry of W.B. Yeats. Why, other than for […]

How to get a book published in Ireland

Doire Press - How to get a book Published in Ireland

So you’ve finally finished that book you’ve been sweating over the past year and want to get it out to the world. How do you do get it published in Ireland? What’s the best path? Is there a path? First to say that the following advice is meant specifically for poets and short story writers. […]

Why We Love Working With Debut Writers

a new author working on his first book on his laptop

In the first years of the press John and I would run to the door when we heard our printer’s van arrive and would practically maul the deliverer as he brought in the boxes of books. To say we couldn’t contain our excitement was to put it mildly. Once the delivery driver was gone, we […]

On Celebrating Ten Years

mockup-of-a-woman-reading-a-softcover-book-3418-el1 (3)

When we’re asked about how we started Doire Press we always say the same thing — that we never set out to start a press; rather, it just kind of happened. The story is that I was here in Ireland visiting John, who had just received a publication grant for his second poetry collection, Love’s […]

Money For Nothing: Some Advice On Submitting to Doire Press

piggy bank sitting on top of a newly published book

You want to see your name in the big bright lights? You want the joy of that first copy of your first book coming into your mailbox some sunny April morning? You want to be feted at your first launch, with family and friends, zealous (or jealous?) fellow-authors milling around you (when all this becomes […]