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One of Ireland’s most notable small presses

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless otherwise noted on the website, all books are posted within two days and are shipped via standard An Post rates.
At this point we do not. We publish only six titles per year, four in the Republic and two in the North. Many of those six titles are new books from writers who we’ve already published and so for this reason we’re rarely in a position that we are actively looking for submissions. That said, as is noted on our submissions page, if you feel that you are a good fit for us, you are welcome to send a query.
It means that you’ve read some of our books and are familiar with the style of some of our writers and feel that your style is similar.
We are a small press and believe that we will better serve our writers by focusing on a small niche market that we are familiar with.
Yes, as long as they are addressed specifically to us.
Absolutely. In fact we would strongly encourage you to. Because we only publish six titles per year, the chances of us saying yes to a manuscript is very small. If we reject your manuscript, it doesn’t mean that we thought it was awful. Because we publish so few titles per year we have to say no to a lot of good manuscripts.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur Publishing just six books per year allows us to give more attention to each book, which we feel very strongly about. We want to do more than just print books. elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
Because we don’t have the time and because, as we’ve learned the hard way, that some people can’t handle the feedback. Our job in reading submissions is to decide if we want to publish the manuscript or not; that’s it. If you’re looking for feedback, we suggest you join a writer’s group or take a writing workshop.
Dur (as in Durban) + a (as in allowed)
Doire is the Irish for Derry and translates into English as oak grove. Derry is where co-founder John Walsh is from. There are many oak groves in Derry as well as in Connemara, where John and Lisa Frank (co-founder and John’s wife) live and so the name bridges the two places together. Lisa, who is from Los Angeles, likes to remind John that there are oak groves in Los Angeles too.