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Working With Doire Press

Doire Press is a small publisher, publishing a limited number of books per year, which better allows us to concentrate on each book. We work in close collaboration with each of our writers on every step of the process, from editing and design to publication and promotion. We believe each book is not only a partnership between us and the writer, but also a celebration that should be celebrated as far and wide and for as long as possible, not just until after the launch. We look for writers who feel the same.

Besides the publishing aspect and all the administrative work on our part that is entailed with that, we also support our writers via the facilitation of paid creative writing workshops, as well partnering with literary festivals across Ireland to help get our writers as many paid festival readings as possible. In this way we get our authors’ names and the Doire Press name to as wide and diverse an audience as possible.

Publishing a limited number of books also means that we must choose our writers and their work very carefully. Besides the artistic merit of the work, we also look for writers who will be proactive in promoting their work as part and parcel of the partnership with Doire Press.

Starting with our very first Arts Council-funded book in 2013, we’ve always paid our writers a fee separate from royalties. As our funding has increased, so too have the writer fees.*

Doire Press’ current payment terms:

Short-story collections:

Publication fee: € 2500

Advance on royalties: € 2000

Poetry collections:

Publication fee: € 1000

Advance on royalties: €600

Royalties (paid in February / March):

15% of cover price on all direct sales (website and launch)

10% of cover price on bookstore sales (including Amazon)

Sales to authors:

50% discount

Workshop fees:

€ 300 per workshop

*Applies only to books that received Arts Council funding.