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Dimitra Xidous

Poet Dimitra Xidous


 is a poet and writer living and working permanently in Ireland since 2011. She is the author of Keeping Bees (Doire Press, 2014) and Μηδέv | Oὐδέν (Doire Press, 2020). Her poems and essays have appeared in gorse, The Stinging Fly, Room Magazine, The Dalhousie Review and The Real Story UK, among others. She was a finalist in the The Malahat Review Open Season Awards (2014) and shortlisted for the Bridport Prize (2013). With Patrick Chapman, she is co-editor of The Pickled Body. In 2019, she was awarded a Markievicz Bursary for (S)worn State(s), a poetry collaboration with Kimberly Campanello and Annemarie Ní Churreáin.

Genre: Poetry
Number of publications: 2

Awarded a Markievicz Bursary for (S)worn State(s)

Sample Work

Sample Poem From Keeping Bees


Whenever anyone asked him about the symbolism
he'd answer 'a bull is a bull and a horse is a horse'
and really, he’s right about that. Still, it was there,
in the horse most of all — a spear through the body,
throat tight, mouth like a vulva ajar choking on the meat
of an intruder — yes, it was there, in the horse most of all
where Picasso got it right, the way a living thing will react
to an attack on the body: he knew to paint it open;
agony exists best in the open, and sometimes also,
where there is a hole.

Leading up to Guernica, he practiced by painting
a horse with a beautiful body — healthy, plump, and
strong as any woman’s before she knows to fear
the sounds of guns, bombs, and unwanted sex. Next to it,
he painted a figure, thin as a stem, hung like a boy.

Sample Poem From Μηδέv | Oὐδέν

Segment —

a line, a cut — a cut, into
a slit —
a slit that
splits a neck


breaks the orange
in two, into —


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Mηδέv / Oὐδέν
Mndev Poetry Book by Dimitra Xidous published by Doire Press

ISBN: 978-1-907682-79-7 | Pages: 64 | Published: 2020

Μηδέν | Oὐδέν is a collection that turns, returns and turns on language. Zeroing in on grief, memory and fucking, Xidous plays with images and the space between them. Each poem in the collection can be read as a zero point, in space and time. Starting from zero, Xidous distorts and twists language around words and sounds. At its centre, Μηδέν | Oὐδέν pivots around the erotic and establishes an erotics of space — in space and in time, the body is both in possession and possessed, by the ways in which Xidous, a bilingual writer, exploits the materiality of language(s).

Keeping Bees
Keeping Bees Poetry Book by Dimitra Xidous published by Doire Press

ISBN: 978-1-907682-32-2 | Pages: 72 | Published: 2014

Keeping Bees is rooted in the sensual, celebrating the vibrant nature of the body in and out love. The poetry is raw and brave, joyful and funny.