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Glen Wilson

Poet Glen Wilson


GLEN WILSON, from Portadown, Co Armagh, is the winner of the 2017 Seamus Heaney Award for New Writing. He has also won the Poetry Space competition, the Jonathan Swift Creative Writing Award and was shortlisted and placed for the Wasafiri New Writing Prize, Bailieborough Poetry Prize, Padraic Colum Poetry Competition, Hungry Hill Poetry Meet Politics and The Red Line Book Festival. His work has been published in various magazines internationally including The Honest UlstermanThe Stony Thursday BookFoliate OakIotaThe Interpreter’s HouseSouthwordThe Ogham StoneThe Luxembourg Review and the Incubator Journal. His Poem ‘Angelshare’ appeared on the inaugural Poetry Jukebox at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast and he was commissioned to write a poem for the Irish Football Association that was broadcast on Sky and viewed over 40,000 times online.

Genre: Poetry
Number of publications: 1

There are moments here of epiphany and rites of passage where the poet becomes a portal through which events scurry. Wilson finds something enduring in the transitory, picks out signals that often go unheard.

— Mel McMahon

Sample Work

Sample Poems From An Experience on the Tongue

A Line of Hawthorns

I break the spine and each page is a turning
over of soil, new descriptions and terms
for movements of a second nature, relearning
ridge and furrow in black and white.
I measure pH balances, soil composition,
then picture sods of grass that the tractor spins up
from my father’s lower fallow field. I know
which earth crumbles, which holds its shape.

I see my father getting down from the tractor cab,
his eye his plumb line as he charts the angle,
adjusts the tread as if to say, We’ll start here.
Years have refined and exaggerated the process.
But the action is still the ploughshare following
the coulter.

Opening the Gates

A rag of white hung on the rails,
a small fleck of blood at the corner
where the t-shirt had ripped.

What drew them to the park at night?
I drag my litter picker
and bag of refuse sacks inside.

They have set one of the bins
on fire, another is sprayed
Freedom in dark green.

One of the tundra swans calls,
whoo-whoo, three dappled chicks
waddle under her wings.

I almost don’t see him, the cob,
as the tall reeds sway, as if
they could claim him.

His neck lies a half-heart
in brown leaves, crisp packets
and a crushed Harp can.

Back in Belfast Video Poem

Glen Wilson - Poetry Jukebox


An Experience on the Tongue
An Experience on the Tongue Poetry Book by Glen Wilson published by Doire Press

ISBN: 978-1-907682-67-4 | Pages: 88 | Published: 2019

An Experience on the Tongue bristles with vivid imagery and candid voices. Various threads weave throughout as we are deftly lead through changing landscapes by a diverse cast of characters — linesmen, archaeologists, farmers and Marie Tussaud. We take time to pause and reflect on a life lived by a distillery worker whilst also following the plight of illegal immigrants. As these poems explore transitions in history, language and national identity. They take us on a journey from Tyrone to China, from revolutionary France back to present day Lough Neagh. The natural world is subtly evoked as wolves, horses and herons offer us fresh insights, showing us the familiar in a new light, all these poems leaving us entertained, moved and enlightened.