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Matthew Geden

Matthew Geden


Matthew Geden was born and brought up in the English Midlands, moving to Kinsale in 1990. His poetry collections include Swimming to Albania, The Place Inside and Fruit. In November 2019 he was Writer in Residence at Nanjing Literature Centre in China. Since March 2020 he has been Writer in Residence for Cork County Library and Arts Office. He currently teaches on the Creative Writing MA course at UCC and is the Director of Kinsale Writing School.

Genre: Poetry
Number of publications: 1

His sense of the impermanence of things is uncanny, sifted through images of falling rain and restless sea that pervade the book, but counterbalanced by an exact and loving attention to concrete detail.

— Theo Dorgan

Sample Work

Night Watch

That night the disappearing Mayo light
lingered long, fooled us into thinking
we were younger, still setting out
in the slow sunset of our youth.

As the sky sank into firelight
we lay lazily beneath emerging
stars, letting thoughts drift into
cosmology and the comforts of space,

watching a broad canvas of dreams
unfurl. That was the night when
your lips tasted of atomic dust,
your yellow dress a shimmering sun

and the perception of motion moved
us as we stilled; we shone easily
then, light dispersing the shadows,
unaware of the dark varnish that covers us all.

December Hare

The storm abates and I journey on;
night falls in two countries, there
is a sickness inside but I continue
through the fog that hangs over
the river feeding on the street
lights. I drive out of the city,
crest the hill where a hare
flashes in my headlights, instamatic
frisson of fear and a rumble into
the afterlife. You are dying too,
each breath shorter than the last;
a full moon lights the way ahead,
somewhere a blackbird sings,
heralds the oncoming dawn
only one of us will see.

Reading at Write by the Sea Festival


The Cloud Architect
The Cloud Architect By Matthew Geden By Doire Press

ISBN: 978-1-907682-92-6 | Pages: 80 | Published in: 2022

The Cloud Architect is the third full-length poetry collection by Kinsale-based poet Matthew Geden. This new collection looks at the world through the smoke and mirrors which cloud and hide simple truths found in introspection. These poems reflect upon the natural world, love, grief and the outer and inner journeys we make through life. In The Cloud Architect Geden attempts to connect these themes with thoughtful clarity.