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Nithy Kasa

Nithy Kasa New Writer Photo


NITHY KASA was born in Kimpese, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and was raised in its capital, Kinshasa and in Galway, in the West of Ireland. Joining the Dublin Writers’ Forum in 2011, she went on to read for Poetry Ireland, Concern, the National University of Ireland, Galway, the Royal Irish Academy, the Cúirt International Festival of Literature and University College Dublin, among others. She took part in the Ó Bhéal series Make a Connection for the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) 2018. She was also a guest poet for the 2019 Carlow University’s (USA) MFA Residency at Trinity College Dublin. Her poem ‘Gathering’ was shortlisted for the Red Line Book Festival the same year. She received the Poetry Ireland Commission 2020, with the support of an Arts Council of Ireland Commissions Award, and was shortlisted for The Eavan Boland Emerging Poet Award 2021. Nithy divides her time between Ireland and The Congo.

Genre: Poetry
Number of publications: 1

Shortlisted for the 2023 Pigott Poetry Prize in association with Listowel Writers' Week
In Nithy Kasa’s debut you will find her Dublin, her Galway and the blue note of her childhood in The Congo. Kasa’s poetry is the jazz, the jive, the joy of her life, while never denying the sadness of growing up far from family. If you’d like to see where Irish poetry could be headed, this is a good place to start.

— Fiona Bolger

Sample Work

On the very last note of the cadence,

the sky tumbled. It crumpled,
in the breaths of a noon turning to night.
Clouds spread on the streets like salts.

The paths of Temple Bar, that are paved
like burnt buns on blackened factory trays,
whited, like paper.

It was the formal call to mulled wines.
Throws with scents of loved ones.
Laughter in burning houses.

A darkness, affable, and vain.


My accent lingered at bay,
bleaching its skin, hips tucked into a corset,
chewing English.
It cleansed its feet with the salty water
then sat on a boulder, talking to itself,
instructing the tongue how to pronounce,
but it would do otherwise.

‘They will know you got here by boat, not by bicycle.’

The days spent passing verbs through a needle’s orb,
knitting phrases, the pricking made you kneel
to your toddler self.

I came to send this trouble away,
English is not mine to keep

Charcoal Iron

Reading at Cúirt Literary Festival

‘Monasteries’ video poem


Palm Wine Tapper and The Boy at Jericho
Nithy Kasa Palm Wine Tapper and The Boy at Jericho

ISBN: 978-1-907682-88-9 | Pages: 80 | Published: 2022

Palm Wine Tapper and The Boy at Jericho is the diary of a woman’s journey from the nature-rich countryside and the red-sanded desert to the Lego-like city. Written in the narrative folklore genre of Nithy’s native culture, it sketches the passage from a child’s world, mystifying and exploratory, to the inner-complexities of womanhood. The collection is a painting, an open fire that invites you into the circle to share an adventure vividly portrayed in words.