The Girl Missing from the Window

ISBN: 978-1-907682-37-7 | Pages: 152 | Published: 2015

Unafraid to delve down into the hot centre of his characters, O’Reilly’s ambition is to bring this craft of plain intensity to an Irish audience in fresh, well-crafted tales that explore the depths of human existence in an Ireland of continuous flux and endless personal conflict. While old themes of emigration, marriage, lust, sexuality and greed are explored in both traditional and topical settings, the Ireland of O’Reilly’s childhood is now almost unrecognisable to the children of today and with these profound changes have come profound and new concerns: online bullying, unexpected drug overdoses and instant access to pornography. O’Reilly tackles these too with the ferocity of a writer determined to leave no stone unturned in his exploration of characters and the decisions and consequences that in time come to define who they are.


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