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30 Under 30 Short Fiction Book by Elizabeth Reapy by published by Doire Press

30 Under 30

30 under 30 is a collection of fresh, contemporary short fiction. There’s such a variety of style and tone, from journal narrative to post-modern non-narrative approaches. There’s flash fiction, which...
Almost the Same Blue Short Fiction Book by John O'Donnell published by Doire Press

Almost the Same Blue

Almost The Same Blue is the first collection of short stories from the double Hennessy Award winning writer John O’Donnell. Murder, lust, greed, and betrayal are just some of the...
And Short Fiction Book by Jim Mullarkey published by Doire Press


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Mullarkey’s style of story-telling is remarkable for its preoccupation with additional things. Most of his characters suffer from the condition of being inundated by the world around them, and by...
Bank Holiday Hurricane Short Fiction Book by Kelly Creighton published by Doire Press

Bank Holiday Hurricane

Bank Holiday Hurricane focuses on dislocation, disenchantment and second chances, told through linked stories set in and around a Northern Irish town, and further afield.
Belfast Stories Short Stories Fiction by Paul McVeigh & Lisa Frank published by Doire Press

Belfast Stories

Belfast Stories is a collection of short fiction set throughout the neighbourhoods of the city, written by writers— both established and emerging—who live, have lived, or who have a strong...
Border Lines Fiction Short Stories by John Walsh published by Doire Press

Border Lines

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Border Lines introduces us to a cast of characters who are vivid, yet understated. It is this polarity that makes them all the more compelling. Most notable is Ian, the...
Catholic Boy Short Fiction Book by Rosemary Jenkinson published by Doire Press

Catholic Boy

Catholic Boy is a collection of contemporary short stories, set mainly in Belfast, but also abroad. Some stories are witty but all make serious points about our current society.

Cork Stories

Cork Stories, edited by Madeleine D’Arcy and Laura McKenna, is a collection of short fiction set throughout the neighbourhoods of Cork city and county by writers who live or have...
Empty House Poetry & Prose on the climate crisis

Empty House

Original price was: €15,00.Current price is: €13,00.
Empty House is a multi-genre anthology of Irish and international writing responding to the climate crisis. The leading challenge facing our world today, here writers share pieces that address what...
Image of End of Days Short Fiction Book by Aileen Armstrong Published by Doire Press

End of Days

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A storm-battered Côte d’Azur to midsummer heat-waves and Big Freezes in the west of Ireland, the stories in End of Days capture the circumstances of change: the aftermath of loves...
Ferenji Short Fiction Book by Helena Mulkerns published by Doire Press

Ferenji and Other Stories

The collection delivers glimpses of life in the field — warts and all — with a vibrant blend of pathos, dark field humour and satire. Adding to the new genre...
Fireproof Short Fiction Book by Celeste Augé published by Doire Press

Fireproof and Other Stories

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In her debut collection of short fiction, Augé creates poignant and accurate outlines of the women and their places in the world. Against the backdrop of modern Ireland, she tells...
Galway Stories Short Fiction Book by Lisa Frank published by Doire Press

Galway Stories

The twenty stories included in the collection take the reader on an intimate tour of Galway, the cultural heart of Ireland. From the top of Eyre Square to the prom...
Galway Stories 2020 Short Fiction by Lisa Frank & Alan McMonagle published by Doire Press

Galway Stories: 2020

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Galway Stories: 2020 is a collection of short fiction set throughout the neighbourhoods of the city and county, by writers who live, have lived, or who have a strong connection...
Hearing Voices, Seeing Things Short Fiction by William Wall published by Doire Press

Hearing Voices, Seeing Things

The stories in Hearing Voices, Seeing Things are inspired by overheard conversations, chance phrases, isolated encounters and each story is a brief, intense, confessional moment in a character’s life.
Killer a la Carte Fiction Novel by Gerry Galvin published by Doire Press

Killer a la Carte

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Killer à la Carte introduces us to James Livingstone Gall, a respected restaurant critic, creative chef and serial killer, matched in evil by Claudia Catalano, heiress to an hotel empire.
Liberty Terrace Short fiction Book by Madeleine D’Arcy Published by Doire Press

Liberty Terrace

Liberty Terrace features a bevy of characters who reside in a fictional area of Cork City in the period 2016 to 2020. The inhabitants of Liberty Terrace come and go,...
Lifestyle Choice Short Fiction by Rosemary Jenkinson published by Doire Press

Lifestyle Choice 10mg

Lifestyle Choice 10mg is a collection of Belfast short stories that wittily deals with relationships in contemporary society as well as the repercussions of the Troubles on its latter-day residents.
Lights in the Distance Short Fiction by Susan Millar Dumars

Lights In The Distance

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It is what every serious writer sets out to do — to give voice to characters that do not have one. Susan writes in a very considered way about characters...

Night Music

In the wilds of Connemara, a lone cowboy exacts a terrible revenge; an abused brother and sister settle scores with their ‘ol’ unkie’; a grieving man steers his river-craft towards...
Girl Missing From the Window Short Fiction by Paul O'Reilly published by Doire Press

The Girl Missing from the Window

Unafraid to delve down into the hot centre of his characters, O'Reilly’s ambition is to bring this craft of plain intensity to an Irish audience in fresh, well-crafted tales that...
The Heart and the Arrow By Leland Bardwell

The Heart and the Arrow

The Heart and the Arrow includes the novella ‘All Those Men’, a tale of women surviving together in a dystopian future where food is collected at central points organised by...
This Cruel Station Short Fiction by Martin Malone published by Doire Press

This Cruel Station

The stories in This Cruel Station explore what it is like to be Irish — and new Irish — in today’s society. Inspired by his observations and interactions with recently-arrived...
Three Houses in Rome - Orfhlaith Foyle

Three Houses in Rome

An older sister gathers her demons and journeys to Lorient, seeking closure with her estranged brother and his over-protective wife; a group of people holidaying in ‘Three Houses in Rome’...
Waiting for the Bullet Short Fiction Book by Madeleine D'Arcy published by Doire Press

Waiting for the Bullet

This compelling collection presents twelve character-driven short stories that are set in London, New York and Ireland. The stories are populated with characters who are forced to deal with a...