End of Days

ISBN: 978-1-907682-26-1 | Pages: 112 | Published: 2013

A storm-battered Côte d’Azur to midsummer heat-waves and Big Freezes in the west of Ireland, the stories in End of Days capture the circumstances of change: the aftermath of loves lost and decisions made. A chef and his younger girlfriend take time out from their lives to make a road-trip deep into the heart of Connemara. A coffee shop manager spins plates — and family duties — in a snowstorm. A fashion designer, returning to his home town, joins an old friend for a dinner party and a trip down memory lane. Students on a study-abroad year receive a lesson in local culinary delicacies — and the basics. In this vivid debut collection, Aileen Armstrong sensuously documents the connected lives and broken bonds of an international network of friends and family, in territory where the hours are long and the odds of failing ever high.

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