Category: Cultural Interest

A selection of works that are considered a cultural interest. Most notably for Northern Ireland.

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Belfast Stories Short Stories Fiction by Paul McVeigh & Lisa Frank published by Doire Press

Belfast Stories

Belfast Stories is a collection of short fiction set throughout the neighbourhoods of the city, written by writers— both established and emerging—who live, have lived, or who have a strong...
Deirdre Unforgiven Drama by Eamon Carr published by Doire Press

Deirdre Unforgiven

A recasting of the Deirdre fable, Eamon Carr’s verse play refracts his experience as a reporter on the North in the 1990s. Ceasefire reality and myth intersect in shades of...
Empty House Poetry & Prose on the climate crisis

Empty House

Empty House is a multi-genre anthology of Irish and international writing responding to the climate crisis. The leading challenge facing our world today, here writers share pieces that address what...
Galway Stories Short Fiction Book by Lisa Frank published by Doire Press

Galway Stories

The twenty stories included in the collection take the reader on an intimate tour of Galway, the cultural heart of Ireland. From the top of Eyre Square to the prom...
Galway Stories 2020 Short Fiction by Lisa Frank & Alan McMonagle published by Doire Press

Galway Stories: 2020

Galway Stories: 2020 is a collection of short fiction set throughout the neighbourhoods of the city and county, by writers who live, have lived, or who have a strong connection...
Inheritance Poetry Book by Miceál Kearney published by Doire Press


Inheritance, the debut poetry collection by farmer-poet Miceál Kearney, include poems that convey both the beauty and the brutality of life on the farm.
Jewtown Irish Poetry Book by Simon Lewis published by Doire Press


Jewtown explores the journey of Jewish people who escaped the pogroms in Russia in the late 19th century, eventually settling in Cork City.
Killer a la Carte Fiction Novel by Gerry Galvin published by Doire Press

Killer a la Carte

Killer à la Carte introduces us to James Livingstone Gall, a respected restaurant critic, creative chef and serial killer, matched in evil by Claudia Catalano, heiress to an hotel empire.
The Potter's Book poetry book by Louis Mulcahy publisher Doire Press

The Potter’s Book

This fourth collection from Louis Mulcahy reflects on fifty years working in clay. It ranges from the classic pots of the Chinese Sung Dynasty through those of the Japanese. Tea...