Mηδέv / Oὐδέν

ISBN: 978-1-907682-79-7 | Pages: 64 | Published: 2020

Μηδέν | Oὐδέν is a collection that turns, returns and turns on language. Zeroing in on grief, memory and fucking, Xidous plays with images and the space between them. Each poem in the collection can be read as a zero point, in space and time. Starting from zero, Xidous distorts and twists language around words and sounds. At its centre, Μηδέν | Oὐδέν pivots around the erotic and establishes an erotics of space — in space and in time, the body is both in possession and possessed, by the ways in which Xidous, a bilingual writer, exploits the materiality of language(s).

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