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Accurate Measurements Poetry by Adam White

Accurate Measurements

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Accurate Measurements by Adam White is unusual in that it is a poetic celebration of the world of manual labour, of craftsmanship and doing things in the right way. There...
Bloodroot Short Fiction Book by Annemarie Ní Churreáin published by Doire Press


Bloodroot explores the frailty and complexity of human relationships, often addressing the question of what it means to ‘belong’ in the world.
First the Feathers Poetry written by Amanda Bell published Doire Press

First the Feathers

First the Feathers interrogates the position of the human in the natural world as a backdrop to a personal and political exploration of what it means to be alive —...
In a Hares Eye Cover 1920 Poetry Book by Breda Wall Ryan published by Doire Press

In a Hare’s Eye

Here are poems of wonder, imagination, grief, bewilderment and delight. Drawing on an awareness formed during a rural childhood, they record the natural world and the way we, as humans,...
In the Museum of Misremembered Things Poetry Book by Linda McKenna published by Doire Press

In the Museum of Misremembered Things

The poems in In the Museum of Misremembered Things revolve around the local, the historic and the mythic. Linda McKenna’s poems are based around historical events and themes with a...
Jewtown Irish Poetry Book by Simon Lewis published by Doire Press


Jewtown explores the journey of Jewish people who escaped the pogroms in Russia in the late 19th century, eventually settling in Cork City.
Liberty Terrace Short fiction Book by Madeleine D’Arcy Published by Doire Press

Liberty Terrace

Liberty Terrace features a bevy of characters who reside in a fictional area of Cork City in the period 2016 to 2020. The inhabitants of Liberty Terrace come and go,...
Stephanie Conn Off-Kilter Book


Off-Kilter sees the environment and the body under pressure—the landscape burns, the body sickens, relationships fracture. Threat looms large, yet these poems also chart a tentative path through the darkness....
Nithy Kasa Palm Wine Tapper and The Boy at Jericho

Palm Wine Tapper and The Boy at Jericho

Palm Wine Tapper and The Boy at Jericho is the diary of a woman’s journey from the nature-rich countryside and the red-sanded desert to the Lego-like city. Written in the...
The Weather-Beaten Scarecrow By James Finnegan By Doire Press

The Weather-Beaten Scarecrow

In The Weather-Beaten Scarecrow, the second poetry collection by James Finnegan, he focuses on place, history, nature, movement, animal, landscape, humanity and what it means to have clear space for...
The Woman on the Other Side Poetry Book by Stephanie Conn published by Doire Press

The Woman on the Other Side

The Woman on the Other Side is a book of exploration. The poetry invites the readers into a world of fragments, between physical and internal landscapes.