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Accurate Measurements Poetry by Adam White

Accurate Measurements

Accurate Measurements by Adam White is unusual in that it is a poetic celebration of the world of manual labour, of craftsmanship and doing things in the right way. There...
Age of the Microwave Dinner Colin Hassard

Age of the Microwave Dinner

Age of the Microwave Dinner explores where we are as a society, along with universal themes of heartbreak, family, relationships, and death. Renowned for his thought-provoking work, these poems are...
Ah, Men! Poetry Book by Simon Lewis published by Doire Press

Ah, Men!

In Ah, Men! Lewis considers what it means to be male in 21st century Ireland.
All the Barbaric Glass Poetry Book by David Butler published by Doire Press

All the Barbaric Glass

Consists of poems written over a five-year period which interrogate nature —specifically the sea — in order to broach perennial human concerns as ageing, loss and love, as well as...
An Experience on the Tongue Poetry Book by Glen Wilson published by Doire Press

An Experience on the Tongue

An Experience on the Tongue bristles with vivid imagery and candid voices. Various threads weave throughout as we are deftly lead through changing landscapes by a diverse cast of characters...
Bloodroot Short Fiction Book by Annemarie Ní Churreáin published by Doire Press


Bloodroot explores the frailty and complexity of human relationships, often addressing the question of what it means to ‘belong’ in the world.
Bone House Mpyra Donaldson

Bone House

Moyra Donaldson’s Bone House is furious in its range, depth and grief. It is the work of a poet fully alive to the moments of pure light ‘before the darkness...
By the Light of Four Moons Poetry Book by John MacKenna published by Doire Press

By the Light of Four Moons

By the Light of Four Moons is a journey through the personal and the universal. Inspired by private and public events and by the landscapes which have always been central...
Carnivorous Poerty Book by Moyra Donaldson published by Doire Press


Drawing on myth, nature and memory, the poems in Carnivorous speak of the extraordinary in the ordinary. Fluidity of self and of time, and evocation of the natural world, our...
Catholic Boy Short Fiction Book by Rosemary Jenkinson published by Doire Press

Catholic Boy

Catholic Boy is a collection of contemporary short stories, set mainly in Belfast, but also abroad. Some stories are witty but all make serious points about our current society.
Conditional Perfect Poetry Book by Emily Cullen published by Doire Press

Conditional Perfect

It aims to achieve a fuller understanding of the physics that lies within the realm of ordinary experience and to find continuities between themes of motherhood, family, science and technology...
Consent Poetry Book by Kimberly Campenello published by Doire Press


Kimberly Campanello is attempting something new, something challenging and inspiring and radical, something that hasn’t been seen before in contemporary Irish poetry… not only does she succeed in this attempt,...
Empty House Poetry & Prose on the climate crisis

Empty House

Empty House is a multi-genre anthology of Irish and international writing responding to the climate crisis. The leading challenge facing our world today, here writers share pieces that address what...
Fear Knot Poetry Book by Susan Lindsay published by Doire Press

Fear Knot

The poems in Fear Knot are heightened by Susan’s evocative use of language and metaphor, layered by her skillful weaving of the intricacies of the human condition.  
Fireproof Short Fiction Book by Celeste Augé published by Doire Press

Fireproof and Other Stories

In her debut collection of short fiction, Augé creates poignant and accurate outlines of the women and their places in the world. Against the backdrop of modern Ireland, she tells...
First the Feathers Poetry written by Amanda Bell published Doire Press

First the Feathers

First the Feathers interrogates the position of the human in the natural world as a backdrop to a personal and political exploration of what it means to be alive —...
Furey Poetry by James Martyn Joyce


Furey is Everyman, conflicted, childish, narrow, thwarted and afraid. He’s angry at life, both his own and others’. He suffers fools very gladly, hunts life and often gets lost in...
Growing Up in Colour Poetry Book by Maurice Devitt published by Doire Press

Growing Up in Colour

Growing up in Colour articulates the silence and strangeness of the familiar and inhabits the shadowy terrain of growing up in a fast-changing Ireland, of what happened and what might...
In a Hares Eye Cover 1920 Poetry Book by Breda Wall Ryan published by Doire Press

In a Hare’s Eye

Here are poems of wonder, imagination, grief, bewilderment and delight. Drawing on an awareness formed during a rural childhood, they record the natural world and the way we, as humans,...
In Another Country Poetry Book by Rafiq Kathwari published by Doire Press

In Another Country

A Kashmiri poet, who writes in English, spent his youth in New York and wound up in Ireland to win the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award, Rafiq became the first non-Irish...
In the Museum of Misremembered Things Poetry Book by Linda McKenna published by Doire Press

In the Museum of Misremembered Things

The poems in In the Museum of Misremembered Things revolve around the local, the historic and the mythic. Linda McKenna’s poems are based around historical events and themes with a...
Inheritance Poetry Book by Miceál Kearney published by Doire Press


Inheritance, the debut poetry collection by farmer-poet Miceál Kearney, include poems that convey both the beauty and the brutality of life on the farm.
Island Poetry Book by Stephanie Conn published by Doire Press


Island takes its inspiration from the poet’s ancestors, who lived their lives, farming and fishing on Copeland Island off the County Down coast.
Jewtown Irish Poetry Book by Simon Lewis published by Doire Press


Jewtown explores the journey of Jewish people who escaped the pogroms in Russia in the late 19th century, eventually settling in Cork City.
Keeping Bees Poetry Book by Dimitra Xidous published by Doire Press

Keeping Bees

Keeping Bees is rooted in the sensual, celebrating the vibrant nature of the body in and out love. The poetry is raw and brave, joyful and funny.
Lifestyle Choice Short Fiction by Rosemary Jenkinson published by Doire Press

Lifestyle Choice 10mg

Lifestyle Choice 10mg is a collection of Belfast short stories that wittily deals with relationships in contemporary society as well as the repercussions of the Troubles on its latter-day residents.
Liffey Sequence Poetry Book by David Butler Published by Doire Press

Liffey Sequence

Liffey Sequence explores pressing issues of identity, ecology and social exclusion. This new three-part collection by the award-winning Bray-based writer includes the title eleven-poem sequence, which examines themes such as...
Lights in the Distance Short Fiction by Susan Millar Dumars

Lights In The Distance

It is what every serious writer sets out to do — to give voice to characters that do not have one. Susan writes in a very considered way about characters...
Line of the Drift Poetry Book by Robyn Rowland published by Doire Press

Line of Drift

Without dross, woven with her rich poetic language, the poems in Line of Drift continue to paint Rowland’s narrative-lyric poems, immersed in and emerging from, the physical and historical landscapes...

Love’s Enterprise Zone

Love’s Enterprise Zone is a rich and diverse collection in which the poet explores experimental and performance poetry with themes that evoke both the political and the everyday, with language...
Milling the Air Poetry Book by Susan Lindsay published by Doire Press

Milling The Air

Starting with windmills, Milling the Air takes a slant look at the energy of airwaves, the air we breathe.
Mosaics from the Map Poetry Booky by Robyn Rowland published by Doire Press

Mosaics from the Map

Mosaics from the Map draws on historical links between countries to explore war and change through personal story, making history intimate. Alcock and Brown, as well as Marconi feature in...
Mndev Poetry Book by Dimitra Xidous published by Doire Press

Mηδέv / Oὐδέν

Μηδέν | Oὐδέν is a collection that turns, returns and turns on language. Zeroing in on grief, memory and fucking, Xidous plays with images and the space between them. Each...
No Recipe Poetry Book By Gerry Galvin published by Doire Press

No Recipe

We travel with a keenly observant man, and one of many moods; we glimpse his loves — of family, of nature and of the changing seasons, for example – share...
Peacekeeper Poetry Book by Michael J. Whelan published by Doire Press


The poems in Peacekeeper reveal the little known landscapes and events experienced by soldiers sent to keep the peace in highly volatile situations — experiences and events that stay part...
Raven Mother Poetry Book by Breda Wall Ryan published by Doire Press

Raven Mothers

Describing and reflecting on home, habitat, and environment, the poems traverse the boundaries of the surreal, mining the realms of historical and personal myth, to pose coherent questions.
Revolutions of Humming Things Poetry Book by Aoife Reilly published by Doire Press

Revolutions of Humming Things

Revolutions of Humming Things explores a sense of belonging and home in a contemporary Ireland in a state of flux.
Riptide Poetry Book by Amanda Bell published by Doire Press


Riptide explores the zeitgeist using the art of Edvard Munch as a counterpoint, delving into the ecological and spiritual anguish informing his paintings, finding parallels in the world we live...
Rules of Engagement Poetry Book by Michael J. Whelan published by Doire Press

Rules of Engagement

On the centenary of the Great War and the Irish Revolution, Rules of Engagement explores an Irish soldier-poet’s search for truth and meaning, his efforts to reconcile his place in...
Smugglers in the Underground Hug Trade A Journal of the Plague Year Poetry book by William Wall Published by Doire Press

Smugglers in the Underground Hug Trade: A Journal of the Plague Year

Surprised by how few literary references exist for the Spanish ‘Flu pandemic of 1918/19, William Wall made a conscious decision to document the experience of ‘the strangest year we have...
Art of Non-Fishing Poetry Book by Kevin O'Shea published by Doire Press

The Art of Non-Fishing

A fine debut collection, O’Shea is a poet of many talents (review by Kevin Higgins, Galway Advertiser).
The Day of the Three Swans Poetry Book by Edward Boyne published by Doire Press

The Day of the Three Swans

The poems in The Day of the Three Swans work with the sense of place, the shifting ground of emotion and the pressure of politics and external events. There are...
Lie of the Land Poetry Book by Elaine Gaston published by Doire Press

The Lie of the Land

The Lie of the Land is a beautiful mix of poems rooted in the landscape Elaine grew up in and those she discovered on some of her travels.
Light Knows Tricks Poetry Book by Jo Hemmant published by Doire Press

The Light Knows Tricks

We’re presented throughout this collection with a kaleidoscope of the twists and turns and tricks of life — surprising, pleasurable, scary, unsettling, deadly, ordinary. There’s a dizzying mix of settings...
The Potter's Book poetry book by Louis Mulcahy publisher Doire Press

The Potter’s Book

This fourth collection from Louis Mulcahy reflects on fifty years working in clay. It ranges from the classic pots of the Chinese Sung Dynasty through those of the Japanese. Tea...
The Rag Tree Speaks Poetry Book by Emma McKervey publisher Doire Press

The Rag Tree Speaks

The Rag Tree Speaks is concerned with a sense of place, particularly questioning Irishness and the myriad voices within that familiar trope, trying to cut through easy clichés to explore...
The Space Between Poetry Book by Kate Dempsey published by Doire Press

The Space Between

The poems in The Space Between pick up on everyday incidents, expanding them in novel ways, creating miniature gems of acute observation on relationships or the domestic with a sprinkling...
The Woman on the Other Side Poetry Book by Stephanie Conn published by Doire Press

The Woman on the Other Side

The Woman on the Other Side is a book of exploration. The poetry invites the readers into a world of fragments, between physical and internal landscapes.
This Little World Poetry by Karen J. McDonnell Published by Doire Press

This Little World

This Little World focuses both on the internal subjective world that we inhabit due to social media and 24/7 access to news sources, as well as the little worlds we...
Waiting for the Bullet Short Fiction Book by Madeleine D'Arcy published by Doire Press

Waiting for the Bullet

This compelling collection presents twelve character-driven short stories that are set in London, New York and Ireland. The stories are populated with characters who are forced to deal with a...
What Else Is There Poetry Collection by Adam White published by Doire Press

What Else is There?

The poems in What Else is There? are concerned with displacement and the consequences of this. Its immediate, literal manifestation in the book is the type of displacement Michael D....
Whispering the Secrets Poetry by Susan Lindsay published by Doire Press

Whispering The Secrets

For her, poetry is about playing with the words until something is revealed. The journey is everything, the destination something she knows is mostly out of her hands (review by...