Conditional Perfect

ISBN: 978-1-907682-71-1 | Pages: 88 | Published: 2019

Conditional Perfect by Emily Cullen explores the mechanics of language and the politics of silence in everyday discourse. It aims to achieve a fuller understanding of the physics that lies within the realm of ordinary experience and to find continuities between themes of motherhood, family, science and technology in an effort to fracture and reframe the habitual ways we understand our rapidly changing world. What does it mean to be technologically advanced if we are becoming socially inept, conversing on our iPhones in the midst of friends? Such paradoxes inform this collection, as well as drawing upon Irish mythology and the topography of the Irish countryside with its mobile phone networks and wind turbines layered upon an ancient land of cairns, raths and the tóraíocht of Diarmuid and Grainne.

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