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Age of the Microwave Dinner

Age of the Microwave Dinner explores where we are as a society, along with universal themes of heartbreak, family, relationships, and death. Renowned for his thought-provoking work, these poems are...

Bone House

Moyra Donaldson’s Bone House is furious in its range, depth and grief. It is the work of a poet fully alive to the moments of pure light ‘before the darkness...

Empty House

Empty House is a multi-genre anthology of Irish and international writing responding to the climate crisis. The leading challenge facing our world today, here writers share pieces that address what...
Fear Knot Poetry Book by Susan Lindsay published by Doire Press

Fear Knot

The poems in Fear Knot are heightened by Susan’s evocative use of language and metaphor, layered by her skillful weaving of the intricacies of the human condition.  

In a Hare’s Eye

Here are poems of wonder, imagination, grief, bewilderment and delight. Drawing on an awareness formed during a rural childhood, they record the natural world and the way we, as humans,...

In the Museum of Misremembered Things

The poems in In the Museum of Misremembered Things revolve around the local, the historic and the mythic. Linda McKenna’s poems are based around historical events and themes with a...
Inheritance Poetry Book by Miceál Kearney published by Doire Press


Inheritance, the debut poetry collection by farmer-poet Miceál Kearney, include poems that convey both the beauty and the brutality of life on the farm.

Raven Mothers

Describing and reflecting on home, habitat, and environment, the poems traverse the boundaries of the surreal, mining the realms of historical and personal myth, to pose coherent questions.

Revolutions of Humming Things

Revolutions of Humming Things explores a sense of belonging and home in a contemporary Ireland in a state of flux.

Rules of Engagement

On the centenary of the Great War and the Irish Revolution, Rules of Engagement explores an Irish soldier-poet’s search for truth and meaning, his efforts to reconcile his place in...

The Cloud Architect

The Cloud Architect is the third full-length poetry collection by Kinsale-based poet Matthew Geden. This new collection looks at the world through the smoke and mirrors which cloud and hide...
The Day of the Three Swans Poetry Book by Edward Boyne published by Doire Press

The Day of the Three Swans

The poems in The Day of the Three Swans work with the sense of place, the shifting ground of emotion and the pressure of politics and external events. There are...

The Lie of the Land

The Lie of the Land is a beautiful mix of poems rooted in the landscape Elaine grew up in and those she discovered on some of her travels.

The Weather-Beaten Scarecrow

In The Weather-Beaten Scarecrow, the second poetry collection by James Finnegan, he focuses on place, history, nature, movement, animal, landscape, humanity and what it means to have clear space for...