Category: Military Interest

Works of poetry, drama, and fiction with military interest.

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Ferenji Short Fiction Book by Helena Mulkerns published by Doire Press

Ferenji and Other Stories

The collection delivers glimpses of life in the field — warts and all — with a vibrant blend of pathos, dark field humour and satire. Adding to the new genre...
Peacekeeper Poetry Book by Michael J. Whelan published by Doire Press


The poems in Peacekeeper reveal the little known landscapes and events experienced by soldiers sent to keep the peace in highly volatile situations — experiences and events that stay part...
Rules of Engagement Poetry Book by Michael J. Whelan published by Doire Press

Rules of Engagement

On the centenary of the Great War and the Irish Revolution, Rules of Engagement explores an Irish soldier-poet’s search for truth and meaning, his efforts to reconcile his place in...
This Cruel Station Short Fiction by Martin Malone published by Doire Press

This Cruel Station

The stories in This Cruel Station explore what it is like to be Irish — and new Irish — in today’s society. Inspired by his observations and interactions with recently-arrived...