What Else is There?

ISBN: 978-1-907682-47-6 | Pages: 72 | Published: 2016

The poems in What Else is There? are concerned with displacement and the consequences of this. Its immediate, literal manifestation in the book is the type of displacement Michael D. Higgins recently described as “the greatest human rights issue facing the world at this time”, which is to say the appalling plight of migrants and refugees. Elsewhere the notion of displacement is fleshed out, considered from different and much wider angles, appreciated as part of our history and intrinsically human, even imagined in our everyday lives —particularly in the life of a writer —  to be something of a necessity. There are elegies here too, and poems on ecology in an elegiac style, but also celebratory poems that were written before and after the birth of the author’s first child. The poems are essentially lyrical, often working from recovered feelings and thoughts. Some of them play with rhyme; in that the rhythm of each poem is carefully considered, all of them are musical.

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